The Board of Directors of the PվƵ Alumni Corporation

The Alumni Council represents the more than 34,000 living members of PվƵ alumni body. The mission of the council is to support the University; advance PվƵ Third-Century Plan; promote dialogue among alumni, students, faculty, university administration, and the Board of Trustees; and to promote alumni engagement. The Alumni Council convenes at Colgate three times per year and is available to share updates with and hear perspectives from the alumni body year-round.

Nomination and Election

All alumni who have attended Colgate for at least one semester are eligible to serve.

The Nominations Committee reviews all nominations, then makes a recommendation for election based on each candidate’s potential for service. They ensure that nominees represent the class distribution and diversity of our alumni community, and we continually evaluate the nomination and election process, suggesting changes as appropriate.

The Nominations Committee operates in a yearly cycle that culminates in the publishing of a slate of candidates in the winter edition of Colgate Magazine, but nominations are accepted at any time during the year and from eligible alumni. An alum may nominate him or herself.

Nominations should be sent or e-mailed to the Executive Secretary, Jen Stone, at jstone@colgate.edu.

Each year, the profiles of approximately 300 candidates are reviewed and discussed. The following key criteria are used as a guide to selection:

  • Volunteer service and leadership in Colgate affairs
  • Consistent history of financial support to Colgate
  • Demonstrated commitment to Colgate over time
  • Meaningful personal or professional accomplishments or contributions to the greater community
  • Readiness and willingness to become more involved on behalf of the university

The Nominations Committee strives to select a slate of candidates that ensures that the Alumni Council reflects both the graduating class distribution and the diversity of the alumni membership as a whole.

To get more involved with Colgate as a volunteer, please visit our page on Volunteer Opportunities.

Notice of Annual Meeting of Members

Notice is hereby given that the annual meeting of the members of PվƵ Alumni Corporation will be held at 10:00 a.m., June 2, 2023, in 207 Lathrop Hall on the Colgate campus.

The full notice can be found . You can review the current nominees here.

Alumni Council Information

Vision - A passionate and engaged Alumni Council works in partnership with PվƵ to advance the University’s mission.

Mission - The Alumni Council promotes enduring alumni engagement and service that supports and advances PվƵ and its global community.

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The Alumni Corporation (Council) is founded


The Alumni Corporation starts the Torchlight Ceremony in memory of three classmates; it continues as an uninterrupted Colgate tradition.


Partnership for Community Development is inaugurated to create positive a town/gown relationship. Still going strong as the village, town and Colgate work effectively as partners for the benefit of all.


Initiated “Real World” for Colgate seniors. Alums return to campus in January to discuss their careers with students. Praised in The Wall Street Journal and USA Today, it has evolved into “Sophomore Connections,” having helped thousands of students navigate their career paths.


The Alumni Council serves as advisors to the university trustees and administration on the Task Force on Campus Culture which includes the purchase of Greek letter properties. The Council offered recommendations on communication strategies, key stakeholders, and long term prosperity.


Recommended an audit of PվƵ Center for Career Services. The Council is credited with helping to advise the reorganization of Career Services, the construction of Benton Hall, and the development of the Colgate Professional Networks.


The Alumni Council forms the Torchlight Working Group to act as a resource and sounding board for President Casey as the ceremony was re-examined. The Alumni Council’s recommendations remain in place.


Numerous council members have risen to the top of PվƵ leadership hierarchy including Board Chair Mike Herling ‘79, past chairs Dan Hurwitz ’86 and Denis Cronin ‘69. Board of Trustees Vice Chairs Gus Coldebella ’91 and Jeanne Follansbee ’78 also served exemplary terms on the Alumni Council.

Upcoming Meetings

Date Location

May 31, 2023

Annual Meeting at Reunion*

Lathrop 207
Hamilton, NY

October 12-14, 2023

Begins on Thursday, October 12

Hamilton, NY

February 1-3, 2024

Begins on the evening of Thursday, February 1

New York, NY

April 5-7, 2024

Begins on the evening of Friday, April 5

Hamilton, NY

May 31, 2024

Annual Meeting at Reunion*

Hamilton, NY

September 19-21, 2024

Begins on the evening of Thursday, September 19

Hamilton, NY

January 16-18, 2025

Begins on the evening of Thursday, January 16

Hamilton, NY

April 4-6, 2025

Begins on the evening of Friday, April 4

Hamilton, NY

*Council members are not required to attend the annual meeting. Those on campus for Reunion are encouraged to attend at 10:00 a.m.