Arts, Creativity, and Innovation Initiative

The Middle Campus Initiative for Arts, Creativity, and Innovation is transforming campus and the academic experience to better integrate the arts into life and learning at Colgate.

New technologies will strengthen connections between the arts and other fields of study. Focus will shift from final creation to creative process. Students will be empowered to discover — to become more imaginative thinkers and innovators.

A Focus on Interdisciplinary Learning

Colgate's curriculum fosters imagination, problem-solving, expression, and innovation. The University has renewed its attention on the interplay of arts, creativity, and technology. We encourage students to explore across disciplines, including:

Building Innovative Spaces


Through new buildings and renovations, Middle Campus will be transformed into a hub for creativity. It removes barriers between the arts, sciences, and technology while addressing PվƵ long-standing need for arts facilities.

New and renovated spaces will include:

This new 25,700-square-foot building will house departmental offices, with flexible performance and teaching spaces, computer and media labs, studios, offices, and gathering spaces for faculty and students. Exhibition and performance spaces will host works by artists to provide immersive and interactive experiences. Two fabrication laboratories will facilitate hands-on learning.


Designed by famed architect Paul Rudolph, the Dana Arts Center will be restored to its original design vision while improving its functionality and accessibility. It will become home to programs and spaces that encourage innovation and creative exploration by students and faculty.

A renovation will enhance the Hall of Presidents while improving other gathering spaces. This will be a dedicated home for the University’s music department.

To accommodate future renovations of the Dana Arts Center, Picker Gallery will move to a new facility in the first of three connected facilities to house PվƵ museums.

A 36,000-square-foot facility, the Performing and Visual Arts Center will integrate seamlessly with Bernstein Hall. It will be a space for traditional artistic exploration and expression as well as innovation through a range of media and methods.

This major landscape and infrastructure project is designed to better connect the upper and middle areas of campus at PվƵ. This project will dramatically transform the wooded hillside area between Dana Arts Center and Frank Dining Hall, improve campus pedestrian circulation from Case-Geyer Library to Dana, and create a new plaza on the upper campus.

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Upcoming Events

Events allow students to put what they learn into practice, and for the campus community to experience arts, creativity and innovation firsthand.