Schedule an Off-Campus Study Appointment

Advisors in the Office of Off-Campus Study are available to consult with students regarding opportunities to study off campus in Colgate study groups, extended studies, and approved programs.

Before Scheduling an Appointment

Before scheduling an appointment, students should get acquainted with the various off-campus study opportunities offered:

For the most productive conversation, students should come to their consultation after attending a general information session, with a list of specific programs of interest, and should think ahead about their goals and questions.

Drop-in open advising is Monday through Thursday, 1:15 p.m. to 2:00 p.m. in 101 McGregory.


Schedule an Appointment

We recommend that students initially start by meeting with a Peer Advisor, a great way for students to get general program and cost/expense information from a student who recently studied off campus. 

Individual Advising Appointments with an off-campus study advisor are available as well.  All advisors are available for general inquiries about all programs; for information about specific programs, please refer to the details below.

Unless otherwise requested, all appointments will be held in person at 101 McGregory Hall.

Wendy Nugent

  • Colgate Study Groups
    • Australia I & II
    • London Economics
    • London English
    • London History
    • Jamaica
    • Madrid
    • Scotland
  • General Approved Program Advising

Mary Hydar

  • Colgate Study Groups
    • Bethesda Biomedical Research
    • Freiburg
    • Ireland
    • Manchester
    • New Zealand
    • South Africa
    • Washington, D.C.
  • General Approved Program Advising 





Cas Sowa

  • Approved Programs - all
  • Colgate Study Groups
    • Geneva
    • New York City

Susie Michael

  • Colgate Extended Studies 
  • General Study Group Advising 
  • General Approved Program Advising

Available Advisers

Senior Associate Director of Off-Campus Study
Assistant Director of Off-Campus Study
Off-Campus Study Advisor and Operations Manager
Program Manager, Off-Campus Study
101 McGregory Hall