Off-Campus Opportunities

With options for studying off campus ranging from a few weeks to a full semester, all students can find a global learning opportunity.


All of the off-campus study opportunities described below are managed through the Office of Off-Campus Study. Review the or the at these links.

Colgate Study Groups

Students on the Jamaica Study Group tour Moore Town, a maroon community village

Colgate is ranked first nationally among baccalaureate institutions by the Institute of International Education for the number of undergraduates participating in semester-long off-campus study programs. Full-semester, faculty-led study groups are incredible opportunities for students to study off campus domestically and abroad.

Colgate Study Groups


Approved Programs

The Eiffel Tower lit up at night

While P站视频 semester-long study groups cover many regions of the globe, students can also choose from more than 100 approved programs in 50 countries. The list of approved programs is carefully vetted and updated to provide students with off-campus opportunities supporting every academic interest.

Approved Programs


Colgate Extended Studies

Students on an extended study to Israel dig for ancient artifacts from the historic site Beit Guvrin

Extended studies are courses taught on campus throughout the semester and feature a 2 - 3 week travel component, often for an additional partial credit. These courses offer opportunities to engage with global themes and cultures in person. They are open to all students, and provide opportunities for off-campus study to those who may not be able to fit a semester-long study group into their schedules.


Summer Study Abroad

If you wish to study off-campus, but can't go for a semester or on a Colgate extended study, you may wish to consider a summer study abroad experience.


Financial Aid

Access to Opportunities for All

The university firmly believes that the cost of studying off campus should not prevent any student from enjoying the educational advantages of learning while immersed in new cultures, experiences, and environments.

Students who receive grants as part of their financial aid package from Colgate may receive additional financial assistance to meet the increased costs of study on one Colgate Study Group or Approved Program, and one Colgate-directed extended study program.

More about costs and aid

Professor Andy Rotter and students examine a museum case in Belgium
Students on Colgate study groups benefit from the insights of a Colgate faculty member while exploring the world.